Confused by any of the lingo we are using? Let's clarify some key terms.

AutoCheckout Slot: This is the name of the service you are purchasing from RSVP Kingz. The term "slot" refers to your individual order for a given release. AutoCheckout is the type of service we offer, meaning we complete the checkout process of the item, on your behalf, automatically.

Cook: This term refers to success."Your slot was successful" is synonymous to "We cooked your slot." Cooking refers to having success with your AutoCheckout slot. If we tweet "We're cooking!" that means we are doing well on the release.

Pending Authorization: When you purchase your slot from us, the charge you receive is a pending authorization, meaning a temporary hold has been placed in that amount, but we have not actually captured the funds yet. Once your slot is successful, we capture the pending authorization, at which point it goes from pending, to completed. If your slot does not hit, the pending authorization merely voids - easy as that.