So...what even is RSVP Kingz?

Securing a limited pair of sneakers or piece of apparel can be a frustrating & expensive process - enter RSVP Kingz. We make the process easy and affordable, taking care of all the hard work so you can sit back, relax & let us do what we do best - cook. 

Rather than sitting on your computer or phone and trying manually, and inevitably failing, let us do the hark work and secure your pair for you while you stay fast asleep!

What do we do?

We are the leading AutoCheckout service in the sneaker industry. Looking to secure a limited sneaker or apparel item online? We do all the work for you on release day. Order a slot for the item you would like to secure. We will completely automate the buying process for you while you stay fast asleep on release day.

Why did we start?

RSVP Kingz was created to help fellow sneakerheads secure every sneaker release they need. Our company is owned and operated by sneakerheads who provide an essential service to the sneaker community. Limited sneakers are impossible to secure online for the average person. RSVP Kingz provides a simple and unique service to automate this process for our customers. We have developed the most advanced and successful programs and services that we run on the behalf of our customers to fulfill their slots. RSVP Kingz' AutoCheckout services give all sneakerheads the best possible chances at securing any sneaker release. We believe in fast and efficient customer support and provide our customers with the top notch services they deserve.

How does it work?

Select the sneaker you would like to secure. You, the customer, provide RSVP Kingz with all of your AutoCheckout information, including your email address, shipping details, and payment info. Complete your order on our site and submit your AutoCheckout details. On release day, we will run your order through our system and use the info you provided us with, to secure the sneaker on your behalf from the retailer. Essentially, we are automating the process of buying the sneakers from the retailer, on your behalf. You pay us the service fee, and we use your AutoCheckout details to secure the sneaker for retail price from the retailer(s), on your behalf.

Payment Process Explained

When you order your slot, the service fee charge that you pay to RSVP Kingz is only a pending authorization. The charge is not captured until your slot is successful in securing the sneaker from the retailer. If we are unable to successfully checkout the sneaker, your slot payment pending authorization will not be captured. The pending charge (service fee) will fall off by itself depending on how long your bank holds preauthorizations for (usually 1-2 weeks max). We will not capture the charge unless your slot is successful! If any of our rules, terms, or conditions are violated, all refund chances are voided. Please read our terms carefully and make sure to abide by them all. 

Have Any Questions?

If you have any specific questions you'd like to ask us, please don't hesitate to email us or just hit the chat button. We are here to help!