The Yeezy 350 V2 'Butter' is releasing on June 30th.

Our current price for slots is $99. Not anymore. 😁

Yeezy Slots are now $75.

Yep, each slot is being ran on 3+ sites and you will likely secure multiple pairs. You are only charged the service fee of $75 one time as long as we hit one or more pairs for your slot.


We have never charged this crazy low for a YEEZY 350 release. Slots are likely going to fly and this $75 service fee price will likely increase as early as Monday, so order right now so you don't miss out.

We are making slots for this release affordable for EVERYONE. Our slot price is extremely fair and will likely increase next week. This is the only YEEZY 350 of the summer, and we are going to cook for you.

We are going to cook THOUSANDS of pairs on this release. Are you going to cook with us?

What if you already ordered a slot for $99?

Thanks to our preauthorization payment process system, when you placed your order, it was only a pending preauthorization. Once your slot is successful, we have the ability to charge up to the amount that was preauthorized. This means that if you already ordered your slot for $99, once we successfully hit your slot, we are only going to capture $75.