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Securing a limited pair of sneakers or piece of apparel can be a frustrating & expensive process - enter RSVP Kingz. We make the process easy and affordable, taking care of all the hard work so you can sit back, relax & let us do what we do best - cook.

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How it Works

How it Works

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Select the item you'd like to secure. Follow the step-by-step slot process and complete your slot order. You are paying for our service fee which is being charged as a pending authorization.



Once you purchase your slot, you will be automatically redirected to submit your AutoCheckout info. This is the info which will be used on your behalf to secure the sneakers from the retailer(s).



On release day, we run your slot through our system using the info you provided. Upon success, our service fee pending authorization is captured & you are charged the retail price by the retailer(s).


Safe & Secure

Our no-risk payment process

Your service fee payment does not get captured until your slot is successful.

1. Slot Purchased

You've successfully purchased your slot for the selected release & provided us with your AutoCheckout information.

2. Payment Pending

At this point, your slot payment is being held as a pending authorization, however it has not yet been captured.

3. Your Slot Hits

Congrats! Our systems have successfully secured the sneakers for you and your slot order is successful!

4. Funds Captured

We don't capture your slot payment until your slot is successful! You don't pay us a dime until the item is secured - no stress, no risk.

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